A further new feature added to Cart Viper the DotNetNuke shopping cart is the ability for the user to pay for items in your store with prepaid credit. This checkout option can be selected alongside any combination of Paypal standard, Google Checkout or offline payment method. Giving your customers multiple options on how they would like to purchase their goods.


In order for a customer to use the prepaid checkout option they must first purchase credit to use in your store, they can do this from the “my prepaid balance” option from the “Cart Viper My Account” module, from here they can also view their current balance:


Prepaid credit can also be added directly onto a users account by editing their DNN profile, note due to a “quirk” with how DNN stores data in the profile property, the monetary amount need to be entered in cents. So the below would equal $85.60 of prepaid credit – the option to enter credit onto a users profile is only available to users with admin or host permissions to the DNN site:


Now when the customer views the payment summary page they can chose to pay using their prepaid credits or any of the other payment options that are configured for the store. If they pay via their prepaid credits the amount will be deducted from their balance:


If however the total cost of the order is greater than their available points balance the prepaid checkout option is hidden and they must select from one of the other configured payment options:


The prepaid credits feature was developed based on a customization request from one of our customers, if you have any features you would like to see added to Cart Viper please let us know.