Google Checkout is a service from Google that makes online shopping faster and more secure for your customers.

Your customers can quickly and easily purchase items from your store without having to share their credit card details with your site or create a separate account on your site.
You benefit by having a streamed lined checkout which improves the likely hood of a customer completing the checkout process by 40% compared to none Google Checkout customer.
Merchants are also protected from fraud with Google filtering and identify fraudulent transactions.

The benefit to both buyers and sellers is huge and that is why we’ve implemented Google Checkout support in Cart Viper 1.2.6. We are the first ecommerce application for DotNetNuke that has this built in.

In addition to your current payment gateway (Paypal, etc) you can now offer your customers the ability to checkout with Google Checkout.

Cart Viper with Google Checkout

Offering your customers another option to checkout and pay for an order can only ever be a smart move on your part. Why don’t you take the free 14 day trial of Cart Viper and see for yourself.