Its just under a week since we released the new version of Cart Viper (Version 3.1) and we’ve already had some very positive feedback from our customers.

We just wanted to say a thank you to all the people that voted for the various features on our road map. We had a total of nine items that received votes, of which 8 items are now available in the Cart Viper 3.1.

The eight items which received votes and are now part of Cart Viper are

  1. Predictive search
  2. Quick install
  3. Support order PDF generation spanning multiple pages
  4. Full payment via Coupon support
  5. Store category Menu now supports Razor
  6. Store Owners can see the audit log for an order
  7. Hide categories with zero products
  8. Admins can now delete a cancelled order

The ninth item that was voted for (support for the Stripe Payment Gateway), was after the deadline for new features. We’ve moved this feature into the roadmap for version 3.2.

We do listen to our customers and you shape our direction and product enhancements. The road map has been updated again with planned features for version 3.2 and 3.3. We need your votes!

If there is a feature you would like to see then contact us and we can add it to the list.