We are happy to announce version 3.2.0 of Cart Viper the DNN ecommerce solution is now released , this version is packed full of new features:

  • Include order details in the export orders to CSV file.
  • Admin view additional orders by same customer.
  • Template the "add to cart" confirmation message.
  • Stripe payment gateway support.
  • Epay payment gateway support.
  • Replace existing Silverlight product image upload control with a jQuery version.
  • Allow wildcard searching.
  • When logging in on the "my account" page send the user straight to start of the checkout.
  • Razor support in the email templates.
  • Allow customers to store addresses in an address book to use for future orders.
  • Allow admin to add additional order statuses.
  • Various other minor enhancements and bug fixes.

As always Cart Viper comes with a free 14 day trial and a full road map for the future!