Following on our discussion of new features in release 1.4.0 of Cart Viper the DotNetNuke ecommerce solution we are going to discuss several new features that have been added:

Optionally attach order PDF to order confirmation email:

The ability to create a PDF receipt of an order has existed in Cart Viper for some time now, however we have now allowed the store admin to attach this PDF to the email that is sent to the customer to confirm their order. The order PDF can still be downloaded via the order details section, however by sending it along with the order confirmation email the customer will have a copy of this with their order confirmation for their records:


Record Users IP Address During Checkout:

A further new enhancement is that a customer IP address is now automatically recorded during the checkout process and stored alongside their order. The customer’s IP address is only ever displayed to the store admin when they are viewing a particular order:


Anonymous Users To Checkout With Digital Downloads:

Previously when an anonymous user attempted to checkout with a digital download in their cart they would be redirected to the login screen. Now in version 1.4.0 anonymous users can now checkout and download their products without having to register/login into your DNN site. This feature should reduce the chance of users abandoning their carts during the checkout process if they are unwilling to share their details with your site.

If you have any feature requests for Cart Viper please contact us.