One of the draw backs of most DNN ecommerce modules is the search facility does not provide search results that are always relevant to a users search term, here at Cart Viper we have addressed this by implementing Lucene search.

The advantage Cart Viper now has over other DNN ecommerce modules is that now Cart Viper can perform weighted searching that provide search results that more accurately fit the users search terms. All searchable items of a product are included in the Lucene index:

  • Product name
  • Model number
  • SEO keywords
  • Manufacturer
  • Summary
  • Description

For example if the user searched for the term “iPod”, if this term was found in the product title the result would appear higher in the search results than if another product had the work “iPod” in its description. Furthermore the more times the word “iPod” was found the higher the result would place in the list.

A further advantage is that a user can now search on multiple criteria in a single search, for example a user can now search for “Apple iPod”. Therefore items that have a manufacturer of “Apple” will appear in the search results, however if the product also has “iPod” in the product title, etc they are deemed more relevant to the users search and will appear at the top of the list.

The end result being searching with Cart Viper should provide more accurate results to the user and a more intuitive user experience.