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We are big fans of DotNetNuke! We are big fans of giving back something to the community! There we said it.

What you may not know about the Cart Viper team is that we have been making DotNetNuke modules since 2005 under the pseudonym of Bite The Bullet, Many of the modules we have created over the years have been released for free and with the source code.
So what has all that got to do with Cart Viper? Nothing other than it shows our depth of knowledge and our commitment to the platform.

Recently there has been some buzz in the DotNetNuke community about Participating and Contributing to DNN open source projects, so since we have a lot of existing modules over on the BiteTheBullet site that have been some what neglected what better idea that to bring some of them up to date and to do it in a public and open manner.

So without further ado we are pleased to announce we have copied over the original source for the BTBYahooWeather module to GitHub

The current version of BTBYahooWeather module

The BTBYahooWeather module is a DNN module we wrote several years ago which allows you to show the weather using the Yahoo Weather RSS feed. The plan is to update the module to use DAL2, add a new template engine based on Razor and generally improving the module. Once completed the module will be available to download for free.

Want to help? Stop by GitHub and get started in giving back to the community too. We look forward to giving back an updated module.