One key area that owners of ecommerce stores need to be focus on is lowering cart abandonment rates, this means lowering the percentage of users who assemble a cart on your store but ultimately fail to complete the checkout process.

This is a hugely frustrating problem for store owners as the customer has found and engaged with your store but ultimately backed out at the last moment leaving the store owner with no sale to show for their hard work in SEO and marketing.

A recent study by Econsultancy / Toluna found that 25.6% of users surveyed would abandon their cart if they were forced to register for an account with the website:


When setting up an ecommerce store the owner will typically disable anonymous checkout forcing the user to create an account because:

  • Create a relationship between customer and store.
  • Easier to communicate any shipping / order issues to customer.
  • Customer more likely to engage with store in future (products reviews, purchase related products, etc).
  • Join store email list.

However adding this additional barrier to checkout is not always the best long term strategy for your store, simply because customers do not like creating an account with a store they may only shop with occasionally.

With that in mind Cart Viper the dnn ecommerce module has a number of settings that allow you to tailor the checkout experience to suite your needs:

  • Disable anonymous checkout – user must register for an account before being allowed to checkout.
  • Allow anonymous checkout – user can checkout without registering for an account.
  • Auto-create user account – user can checkout without registering for an account, but Cart Viper will automatically create them a user account once their order has been placed and email them the login details.

As you can see Cart Viper has every option covered and is the most feature rich ecommerce module available for DNN, please take the free 14 day trial or contact us to discuss how Cart Viper could work for your ecommerce project.