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Cart Viper Offers Affordable Peace Of Mind

clock March 7, 2014 11:50
by author nigel

With online sales now accounting for a larger than ever percentage of an organisations total sales it stands to reason that every step possible needs to be taken to ensure ecommerce sites are fully functional 24/7.

Cart Viper understands these concerns and have a number of support packages in place to give you the peace of mind knowing that there will be a member of our team on hand to answer any questions or resolve any issues you may have.

We offer a number of paid support offers to suite every budget and organisation type:

Standard Support

  • Access to support forums 
  • Email contact with developers
  • All emails and posts will be replied to in a prompt fashion during UK business hours Monday - Friday (8am - 6pm GMT) excluding UK public holidays. 
  • Priority will be given to standard support customers over community support customers. 
  • Hot fixes released for bugs.

Enterprise Support

  • Access to support forums.
  • Direct email contact with developers.
  • All emails and posts will be replied to in a prompt fashion during UK business hours (8am - 6pm GMT) 7 days a week excluding UK public holidays. 
  • Priority will be given to enterprise support customers over community and standard support customers. 
  • Hot fixes released for bugs 
  • Discounted rates on all custom development work.

Use coupon code SUPPORT to receive a 25% discount on all our support packages, so don’t delay as this offer is only valid until 30th April 2014!

You Voted We Coded

clock March 6, 2014 11:46

Its just under a week since we released the new version of Cart Viper (Version 3.1) and we’ve already had some very positive feedback from our customers.

We just wanted to say a thank you to all the people that voted for the various features on our road map. We had a total of nine items that received votes, of which 8 items are now available in the Cart Viper 3.1.

The eight items which received votes and are now part of Cart Viper are

  1. Predictive search
  2. Quick install
  3. Support order PDF generation spanning multiple pages
  4. Full payment via Coupon support
  5. Store category Menu now supports Razor
  6. Store Owners can see the audit log for an order
  7. Hide categories with zero products
  8. Admins can now delete a cancelled order

The ninth item that was voted for (support for the Stripe Payment Gateway), was after the deadline for new features. We’ve moved this feature into the roadmap for version 3.2.

We do listen to our customers and you shape our direction and product enhancements. The road map has been updated again with planned features for version 3.2 and 3.3. We need your votes!

If there is a feature you would like to see then contact us and we can add it to the list.

Cart Viper 3.1.0 Released

clock February 28, 2014 15:43

We are pleased to announce that the latest release of Cart Viper 3.1.0 is now available. This release contains new features, improvements and bug fixes that build upon our existing module.

The highlights of this release are

  • Razor Support – We now have built-in support for using Razor files in the templates. You can now easily perform advanced customisations of the store using your own snippets. We’ll be creating some examples using Razor other the coming weeks.

  • Predictive Search – As the site visitor types into the search field we suggest terms based on the content of the index.

  • Category Menu – The category menu in Cart Viper can now be rendered with a Razor script, so you can output the catalogue categories however you like and use custom jQuery plugins for example to style the menu.

  • Cloud Digital Downloads – Store digital download files in the cloud and give paying customers secure access to download the file directly from Amazon S3 or Azure.

  • Medium Trust Support – We have restored support for medium trust sites.

  • Speed Improvements – The store will run even quicker in this latest release. We have managed to improve the performance even further.

We have a free 14 day trial available to all.

If you are an existing customer then you can download the latest release from the free trial page.

Cart Viper is ecommerce module for the DNN Platform which turns your CMS website into a revenue generating source. With simple setup its easy to start selling with plenty of advanced features to help turn your browsers into paying customers.

Lowering Cart Abandonment Rates

clock January 28, 2014 14:03
by author nigel

One key area that owners of ecommerce stores need to be focus on is lowering cart abandonment rates, this means lowering the percentage of users who assemble a cart on your store but ultimately fail to complete the checkout process.

This is a hugely frustrating problem for store owners as the customer has found and engaged with your store but ultimately backed out at the last moment leaving the store owner with no sale to show for their hard work in SEO and marketing.

A recent study by Econsultancy / Toluna found that 25.6% of users surveyed would abandon their cart if they were forced to register for an account with the website:


When setting up an ecommerce store the owner will typically disable anonymous checkout forcing the user to create an account because:

  • Create a relationship between customer and store.
  • Easier to communicate any shipping / order issues to customer.
  • Customer more likely to engage with store in future (products reviews, purchase related products, etc).
  • Join store email list.

However adding this additional barrier to checkout is not always the best long term strategy for your store, simply because customers do not like creating an account with a store they may only shop with occasionally.

With that in mind Cart Viper the dnn ecommerce module has a number of settings that allow you to tailor the checkout experience to suite your needs:

  • Disable anonymous checkout – user must register for an account before being allowed to checkout.
  • Allow anonymous checkout – user can checkout without registering for an account.
  • Auto-create user account – user can checkout without registering for an account, but Cart Viper will automatically create them a user account once their order has been placed and email them the login details.

As you can see Cart Viper has every option covered and is the most feature rich ecommerce module available for DNN, please take the free 14 day trial or contact us to discuss how Cart Viper could work for your ecommerce project.

Printers, Game Consoles and Cart Viper

clock January 27, 2014 15:32

888713_86088876What do printers, mobile phones, video game consoles and razor have in common? They all use the razor blade business model, selling a commodity cheap to generate revenue on complementary products.

The initial cost of purchasing a new printer is tiny compared to the cost of purchasing ink or toner over the life time of the printer.
Its a tried and tested model that works, so long as the original product isn’t modified to cut the manufacturer out of the loop with purchasing the complementary product. If you start using refilled ink or toner the manufacturer loses out on the revenue and its no longer a great deal for them.

So what does any of this have to do with Cart Viper?
Well a common question we get asked is what is our upgrade policy for Cart Viper. Simple, its the opposite of the razor blade model. If you purchase a license you get free lifetime upgrades.

That’s correct, purchase a license and you’ll get access to every release we create in the future. Not just bug fixes, but new features as they become available. All for the single one off license cost.
We have an active road-map of new features, a frequent release cycle and great support, so let us help you with your next ecommerce project.

Ask our competitors about what their upgrade policy is, are they following the razor blade model?

Competition Time!

clock January 20, 2014 10:03
by author nigel

Here at Cart Viper the dnn shoping cart we have written a series of posts highlighting some on the innovative sites we have been working on over the last year. Now its time to see what the community have been up to.

So to that end we are holding a competition for community members to submit their Cart Viper sites with the aim to find the best example of some of the great features Cart Viper has.

As a prize we are offering the winner the choice of 1 of our premium add on licenses so they can unlock even more of the great features of Cart Viper!

  • Cart Viper events.
  • Cart Viper mobile store.
  • Catalog workflow and version history.
  • Product localization.

Maybe you developed a skin object , used the new responsive templates or another of the many features we support to take your site to the next level. To enter post your site URL in the comments and a brief description of why you think your site should win our competition.

Deadline for submissions is the 31st January 2014 with the winner selected by us and announced on the 3rd February 2014!


Shape The Direction of Cart Viper

clock November 4, 2013 13:16

Today we have launched a new feature on the Cart Viper website. We are committed to listen to our customers and we have now made it easier for you to help shape the direction of Cart Viper.

The new road map page allows you to view, vote and comment on tickets which we are working on for future releases.
Do we have a task which is important to you? We want to see your votes and hear your comments.

Cart Viper - Road Map

We’ll be adding more road map details over the coming days

Cart Viper is an ecommerce module for DNN which provides you with the ability to sell anything online, With features you would expect to find in a product costing ten times the price.

What Features Would You Like To See Prioritized?

clock October 21, 2013 14:30
by author nigel

Earlier in the month we released version 3.0 of Cart Viper, this contained one of the most significant improvements to Cart Viper - responsive layouts. This fixed a serious short coming with earlier versions of Cart Viper, now with this feature we can format correctly regardless of the size of screen the store is being viewed on.

We already have a head full of ideas for release 3.1 but we want to hear back from you, what features would you prioritize for this release? Perhaps you are using the store and there is a killer feature you think is missing or you tried the store but selected a rivals store based upon some missing functionality?

Either way we are throwing the road map open to the community, please share your ideas with us here or if you prefer email us directly to discuss We do value your opinions and are always willing to listen on how we can do things better!


Responsive Templates now in Cart Viper

clock September 17, 2013 11:55

Cart Viper 3.0.0 now has support for responsive layouts, allowing you create a store that works great desktop, tablet and mobile users.

The world of computing is changing, no longer do you need a desktop computer to access the internet. Tablet and mobile devices are growing at an incredible rate.
The challenge to a store owner is how to tap into the market and provide a first class experience for the ever expanding tablet and mobile users. One option is to design a website using responsive layout to allow for an optimum layout and use of space across all devices. Starting in Cart Viper 3.0.0 we are now able to render a store using responsive templates which allow all different devices to browse and checkout from the store.

Example of the responsive checkout in Cart Viper

How to Enable Responsive Templates

External Dependency

Its important to understand that the responsive templates in Cart Viper have a dependency on Twitter Bootstrap 3.0.0 or greater. Cart Viper does NOT load the Twitter Bootstrap CSS file, the skin of the site must be responsive and it is that which is responsible for loading the CSS file.

Older versions of Twitter Bootstrap are not supported, the minimum version required is Twitter Bootstrap version 3.0.0.

1. Log in to the Store Admin page select the Store Info option, from here you will see that their is the ability use the original templates or the new responsive templates.

Turning on the responsive templates in Cart Viper

2. Select the responsive option and the store will now use those to render the page. Additionally you are free to edit the templates to tweak the layout as required.
The responsive templates are located in this folder if you have enabled Portal Templates


Or if you are not using Portal Templates then the files will be in the this location


Cart Viper ships with a number of checkout types used to finalize and place the order, Four step, Three step and Single step, only Single step checkout is responsive since this is the preferred checkout option in Cart Viper.

Cart Viper is the most cost-efficient and feature rich ecommerce module for DNN, this latest release goes to prove it. Our commit to constant improve means you get the best possible store on the DotNetNuke platform. Take the free 14 day trial and see the benefits Cart Viper can bring to your store.

Tried? Didn’t like? Tell me about it, I want to hear your pain.

clock August 26, 2013 14:18

383122_5028We may have release version 2.0 of Cart Viper back in July but we are already working on the next major release. Without giving too much away the next major release will enhance a key feature of Cart Viper namely the templates and design your store, that’s all we are going to saying for now.

We have lots of happy customers that use Cart Viper daily in their businesses, we’ve got great reviews on the DNN Store and we have great testimonials but I want to hear from the people that have taken our free trial but then gone on to purchase a competitors product.

Since we are making some major changes to Cart Viper now is the time to let us know about...

  • What didn’t work as expected?
  • What swung the decision to purchase a competitors product?
  • What was missing from our product?

I’m one of the developers of the product and I want to hear from you, I want to improve our product and I need your help to tell me the problem. So if you have tried Cart Viper and have something to share please leave a comment or email me direct at

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