Since we released version 1.6.1 of Cart Viper the advanced ecommerce solution we have been busy working on new exciting features that will make up release 1.6.2. Based on user feedback we have identified a series of features that were missing not only from Cart Viper but all the other DNN shopping carts, so with these advanced features we are positioning Cart Viper as the market leading DNN shopping cart.

A few of the new exciting features are:

  • Product catalogue localization – allow the customer to select the language to display your products and categories in.
  • Product and category workflow – define that all changes to products and categories should be subjected to approval by a moderator, including automatic email reminders if moderation does not occur within a given time period.
  • Ability to rollback a product or category to any previous version.
  • Allows products to be tagged using DNN taxonomy.
  • Azure support.

For a full list of features that will make up release 1.6.2 please click here, we are always open to suggestions so if you feel there is a great feature we are missing please let us know.