Working in conjunction with our friends over at ITX we were tasked with allowing Cart viper to provide a mobile DotNetNuke ecommerce store for the Cathedral Company website.

The key requirement for this project was that when viewing the Cathedral Company website on a mobile device the layout would be optimised for a mobile viewing. One of the new features in version 6.1 onwards of DotNetNuke was mobile support, this allowed DotNetNuke to detect if you were viewing the site on a mobile device and then if necessary redirect you to a mobile optimised rather than the standard website.

With this great feature at our disposal we set about creating a series of modules that could display Cart viper categories and products that were optimized for mobile viewing. The end results gives the user a mobile friendly experience when viewing the site on their mobile device allowing for quick page loading times when browsing the store categories and products, but not sacrificing functionality or user-ability.

Site when viewed on mobile device:

photo photo

Site when viewed on non-mobile device:


With the increased number of customers browsing and shopping from their mobile devices this is a must have for ecommerce solutions, if you are interested in learning what mobile functionality Cart viper can offer your DNN site, please drop us a line.