Back in version 1.5.1 of Cart Viper the DNN shopping cart we implemented a new feature that allowed the store admin to upload multiple product images simultaneously.

To achieve this we created a Silverlight control, a trade off we had to make when we implemented this feature is that if you are using version 6 of IIS the Silverlight mime type will not be there by default (version 7 onwards has this in by default). This means that the control cannot be rendered to the page and when you go-to the product image upload section you get a blank screen.

In order to fix this you need to add the Silverlight mime type to IIS, the following link provides a great example of how to achieve this under the section “Using the IIS Manager User Interface in IIS 6.0 in Windows Server 2003” – note upon completing the steps an IIS restart may be necessary.

Once you have completed the above the image up-loader control should then be rendered to the page allowing you to upload multiple images simultaneously and making managing your store with Cart Viper even easier!