Following on our discussion of new features of version 1.4.1 of Cart Viper the DNN shopping cart we are going to discuss a few of the smaller features that have been added:

Import product data sheet via CSV file:

In version 1.4.0 we added the ability to include a data sheet for a product, we have now extended our .CSV product import to allow you to import the product data sheet location. Importing the data sheet field is straight forward, you simply add the column “PDFDataSheet” then reference the datasheet relative to the portal root folder.


The above example shows a valid .CSV import file, in our example our sample.pdf is located in the below folder on our server:


Before the import occurs you should either ensure the PDF is already on the server either by uploading via the “Admin File Manager” or by using FTP to place the PDF on the server then clicking “Synchronize files”.

Template Driven Mini Cart

In order to give you more control and flexibility of the look and feel of the Cart Viper mini cart control we have now made this control template based as per the other Cart Viper controls.

The benefits of this are:

  • Each portal can have their own customized different mini cart.
  • Content can now be easily injected into the cart e.g. images, text, hyperlinks, etc
  • Skin objects can now be injected into the mini cart control

The below screenshot shows the basic Cart Viper mini cart template and a number of the token that are supported:


Category Description Now Supports Full HTML Content

We have now extended the category description to support full HTML content. By using the standard HTML editor you can now enter any HTML content for a category description and have it output on the product catalogue page:

Admin interface


Example Output


These features were made based on client feedback if you have any suggestions please contact us.