Continuing on with the series of new features added to Cart Viper 1.4.0 is the ability to define a default value for a drop down variant option.
This allows you write a caption which helps the customer understand the meaning and purpose of the variant for the product.

For example if we have a product which is available in different sizes we can define the caption to be “Please select a size” when editing the product.

Defining a default caption for a product

Then when viewing the product in the store front you can see the drop down has the caption selected.
Variants which are mandatory require the customer to select a valid option, its not possible to add the product to the cart when the default caption is the selected item in the drop down list.

Variant display a default caption

One of the many improvements and new features all available in the latest release of Cart Viper. As always we have a free 14 day trial so you can test drive these features for yourself.