We’ve made some improvements to the digital download features based on customer feedback in Cart Viper 1.4.0. All these features relate to products which have a download, once the customer has paid for the order they can then download the file to their computer.

Direct Link on the Order Details

The customer’s order details now displays a link to the download file. Allowing them to start the download without needing to visit the digital download locker.

Link to the download is now listed on the order details page

Ability to Display a Thumbnail Image in the Digital Download Locker

We’ve added the ability to display a thumbnail for the digital download product when viewing the Digital Download Locker.
To enable this feature just check Show Product Thumbnail as shown below.


Then when viewing the Digital Download Locker the product thumbnail will be displayed.

Digital download locker with thumbnail images enabled

Additional File Format Support

Previously the only type of file that could be attached to a product as a digital download was a zip file. This has now be expanded to allow PDF files to be attached as a download.