An area that has been heavily altered is the shipping aspect of Cart Viper. We have now extensively modified the shipping options available so they should give you the flexibility to match your business model.

We have now integrated Cart Viper into USPS and FedEx allowing you to provide real time shipping costs to your customers based on the weight of the items in the users cart and their shipping destination. When the FedEx or USPS shipping provider is selected Cart Viper will query the respective api’s in real time, the user will then have the option to select the delivery option they wish:

Example USPS Checkout

USPS Checkout 


Example FedEx Checkout

fedex checkout

Further to this the default shipping provider has also been extended allowing you to calculate shipping by the subtotal of the users cart as well as the weight of the users cart:


Finally tax or VAT can now be charged on the cost of shipping, this option is available regardless of the shipping provider that is selected, and can enabled or disabled to suit your needs.