383156_5680 (1)Activity on the Cart Viper blog has been a bit quiet of late, this is largely due to the fact we’ve been extremely busy with development of the product.

Over the last 6 weeks we’ve been working with a number of clients across the globe to add in sponsored features and requests. All of the sponsored features we’ve been creating are going to be available in the 1.2 release of Cart Viper.

In addition to the sponsored features we’ve been very active on the next release 1.2 of Cart Viper. We’re currently in the process of QA testing release 1.2 which is scheduled for January 2011.
This is shaping up to be a big upgrade with lots of new features, improvements and fixes. Over the coming weeks we’ll be blogging some more about the specific features which will be available, stay tuned.

Happy Holidays