Earlier today we’ve released a new version of Cart Viper 1.1.1. http://www.snowcovered.com/Snowcovered2/Default.aspx?tabid=242&PackageID=19477

This was an unscheduled release containing a couple of new features and a bug fix. The bug was a database issue when first setting the store info properties. Apologies to anyone that has had experience this issue when trialling 1.1.0.

The new features centre around the category module used to display and navigate between the categories of your store.
In previous version of Cart Viper the top level category menu structure would disappear once you started to navigate into the subcategories. This has now be fixed to follow a more standard category navigation pattern.

Additionally it is now possible to display a numerical count next to each category which displays the number of products within the category. This can be optionally enabled in the category settings page.

The new category menu also has a simpler CSS style which allows you to easily customise this to match your current site design.