Cart Viper 1.1.0 released Today we’ve release version 1.1.0 of Cart Viper our ecommerce store for DotNetNuke. Since the last release 4 weeks ago we’ve been busy adding and improving on our module.

New features in this release are

  • Import products using CSV into the catalogue 
  • Create new products by duplicating an existing product
  • Automatically Email customers a newsletter containing recently added items
  • Discount coupons for both percentage and monetary amounts.
  • Product Widget Control allows you to display selected products outside of the standard store pages.
  • Improved AJAX cart - now supports the ability to go straight to the basket after adding an item, ability to display the modal confirmation popup.
  • Anonymous guest checkout, no need for users to register to purchase anymore.

As always we offer a full 14 day free trial, no registration required and all customers receive free life time upgrades.

Available to purchase via Snowcovered or direct.