Cart Viper 3.0.0 now has support for responsive layouts, allowing you create a store that works great desktop, tablet and mobile users.

The world of computing is changing, no longer do you need a desktop computer to access the internet. Tablet and mobile devices are growing at an incredible rate.
The challenge to a store owner is how to tap into the market and provide a first class experience for the ever expanding tablet and mobile users. One option is to design a website using responsive layout to allow for an optimum layout and use of space across all devices. Starting in Cart Viper 3.0.0 we are now able to render a store using responsive templates which allow all different devices to browse and checkout from the store.

Example of the responsive checkout in Cart Viper

How to Enable Responsive Templates

External Dependency

Its important to understand that the responsive templates in Cart Viper have a dependency on Twitter Bootstrap 3.0.0 or greater. Cart Viper does NOT load the Twitter Bootstrap CSS file, the skin of the site must be responsive and it is that which is responsible for loading the CSS file.

Older versions of Twitter Bootstrap are not supported, the minimum version required is Twitter Bootstrap version 3.0.0.

1. Log in to the Store Admin page select the Store Info option, from here you will see that their is the ability use the original templates or the new responsive templates.

Turning on the responsive templates in Cart Viper

2. Select the responsive option and the store will now use those to render the page. Additionally you are free to edit the templates to tweak the layout as required.
The responsive templates are located in this folder if you have enabled Portal Templates


Or if you are not using Portal Templates then the files will be in the this location


Cart Viper ships with a number of checkout types used to finalize and place the order, Four step, Three step and Single step, only Single step checkout is responsive since this is the preferred checkout option in Cart Viper.

Cart Viper is the most cost-efficient and feature rich ecommerce module for DNN, this latest release goes to prove it. Our commit to constant improve means you get the best possible store on the DotNetNuke platform. Take the free 14 day trial and see the benefits Cart Viper can bring to your store.