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Mobile DotNetNuke Ecommerce Store

  February 12, 2013 16:55
by Nigel

Working in conjunction with our friends over at ITX we were tasked with allowing Cart viper to provide a mobile DotNetNuke ecommerce store for the Cathedral Company website.

The key requirement for this project was that when viewing the Cathedral Company website on a mobile device the layout would be optimised for a mobile viewing. One of the new features in version 6.1 onwards of DotNetNuke was mobile support, this allowed DotNetNuke to detect if you were viewing the site on a mobile device and then if necessary redirect you to a mobile optimised rather than the standard website.

With this great feature at our disposal we set about creating a series of modules that could display Cart viper categories and products that were optimized for mobile viewing. The end results gives the user a mobile friendly experience when viewing the site on their mobile device allowing for quick page loading times when browsing the store categories and products, but not sacrificing functionality or user-ability.

Site when viewed on mobile device:

photo photo

Site when viewed on non-mobile device:


With the increased number of customers browsing and shopping from their mobile devices this is a must have for ecommerce solutions, if you are interested in learning what mobile functionality Cart viper can offer your DNN site, please drop us a line.

Innovative Cart Viper Sites

  January 29, 2013 18:51
by Nigel

Here at Cart Viper the advanced DotNetNuke ecommerce solution we value innovation and taking the basic Cart viper template and token system and pushing it to its limits. By utilizing the token system and skin objects feature Cart viper supports it is possible to create highly customized, innovative and styled ecommerce solutions.

The below sites highlight how writing a skin object can add additional functionality to your site to make it stand out from the crowd, improve usability and ultimately sales:






In many cases we worked together with the website owner to produce the end result, if you have a requirement or want to highlight your innovative Cart viper solution please let us know.