Google Checkout is closingWe always try to make Cart Viper the DNN Ecommerce module as flexible and up to date as possible, take for example the built-in support we have Google Checkout.
We have a number of customers that are using this payment gateway but unfortunately Google has recently announced that its going to retire its Google Checkout payment processing service on November 20th 2013, meaning any existing customers need to find an alterative payment solution.

So what can you do if you are using Google Checkout? Before November 20th you need to select an other payment gateway that Cart Viper supports and start using that in your store then discontinue using Google Checkout.
Current Cart Viper has support for around 30 different payment gateway providers that you can find listed in the user manual.

Our roadmap also has support for Stripe coming in a future release. We can also create you a payment provider for your chosen gateway if we don’t already support it.

You can read the official announcement from Google about the retirement here