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Google Checkout

  April 13, 2011 16:00
by Mark

Google Checkout is a service from Google that makes online shopping faster and more secure for your customers.

Your customers can quickly and easily purchase items from your store without having to share their credit card details with your site or create a separate account on your site.
You benefit by having a streamed lined checkout which improves the likely hood of a customer completing the checkout process by 40% compared to none Google Checkout customer.
Merchants are also protected from fraud with Google filtering and identify fraudulent transactions.

The benefit to both buyers and sellers is huge and that is why we’ve implemented Google Checkout support in Cart Viper 1.2.6. We are the first ecommerce application for DotNetNuke that has this built in.

In addition to your current payment gateway (Paypal, etc) you can now offer your customers the ability to checkout with Google Checkout.

Cart Viper with Google Checkout

Offering your customers another option to checkout and pay for an order can only ever be a smart move on your part. Why don’t you take the free 14 day trial of Cart Viper and see for yourself.

Why Cart Viper?

  April 12, 2011 15:40
by Mark

Why pick Cart Viper as your ecommerce platform for DotNetNuke?

flame_abstractDotNetNuke gives your clients a great web application allowing them manage their website’s content with easy. Now imagine using DotNetNuke to offer a complete ecommerce store for the client, complete with online checkout, order history, template driven design and so much more besides.

Having a single web application for both CMS and ecommerce makes management easy for client, it also makes creating the solution simple for you since you’re experienced with DotNetNuke already.

Since we first had the idea to create Cart Viper we have worked hard to make a great product that is easy to use and contains all the features you need.
Over the last 9 months we’ve been adding and improving the features of Cart Viper, most of these have come direct from you our customers providing feedback.
We are committed to making the best ecommerce module on the DotNetNuke platform.

Don’t take our word for it, look at the review, testimonials and take the free 14 day trial.

Cart Viper–Testimonial

  April 5, 2011 16:10
by Mark

Since we started with Cart Viper we’ve had the chance to work with some great people and see them use our software to launch their Ecommerce websites.

Its always great to see the end result and its even better when we get great feedback from the client. Sam Harry recently launched


freeze dried food

“After searching for over a 5 years for the right e-commerce solution on DotNetNuke, we finally found it! As a web development firm who works with a lot of ecommerce platforms in .net, we have never found a solution that is so easy to implement and that integrates so seamlessly. For the first time, we didn't have to change our business to fit the software. Most "solutions" create more problems than they solve. Not this one. I highly recommend CartViper to anyone considering shopping cart solutions. Tech support is great too”

Sam Harry
AtlantaSky Creative Solutions, In

Thank you Sam for the great testimonial, we look forward to working with you in the future.


Cart Viper Version 1.2.4 Released

  March 2, 2011 08:15
by Mark

Cart Viper 1.2.4 ReleasedKeeping up our commitment to create the best Ecommerce module on DotNetNuke we have released a new version of the Cart Viper 1.2.4.

The highlights of this release includes the following features and improvements

  • Improved product administration with built-in search to find the product to edit quickly.
  • Facebook "Like" support for each product in your store.
  • Order Notification Callback URL feature allow you to process orders using your own web service.
  • Recently Viewed Items module.
  • Increased field length for the Model Name field to now support items with a name of up to 255 characters.
  • Improved product import, the column headers for the CSV are no longer case sensitive.
  • Improvements to the checkout process, more customer friendly, easy to use.
  • Email a Friend now has the option to use to shorten the URLs for the email message.
  • Calculate the Shipping Costs as a Percentage of the cart subtotal.

We are already working on hard on the next release which is going to have even more features, why don’t you take the free 14 day trial of Cart Viper and checkout our module for yourself?

DotNetNuke eCommerce Modules Review

  February 22, 2011 15:45
by Nigel

Recently Robb Bryn over at DotNetNuke fool took the time to review several eCommerce modules for DotNetNuke, we are pleased to say his review put Cart Viper top overall with an average score of 3.6 from a possible 5. We are obviously very pleased about this as we have only be developing Cart Viper for 6 months, and were in a strong line-up that included all our more established competitors.

We have taken Robb’s comments onboard and are looking to address a number of his concerns with our forthcoming 1.2.4 release with a view to making an even better product!

You can read the full review here.

Cart Viper is available for a free 14 day trial here.


Google Analytics in Cart Viper

  February 12, 2011 10:07
by Mark

We’ve been working with Chicago internet marketing firm Ecommerce Architects Inc for a number of months and appreciate all their feedback and input into Cart Viper. It was Eric Ellingsen at Ecommerce Architects that suggested we add in Google Analytics tracking to Cart Viper.

This allows the store owner to get a break down of the customer’s interactions within the store and detail analytics about the ecommerce transaction placed via the store.
Now you can see what categories are the most popular, learn which items customers are adding to the their wish list for example.

Cart Viper has 22 different events which are recorded in Google Analytics as the customer interacts with the store. Once they checkout we then record the completed transaction using the Ecommerce Tracking API in Google Analytics.

Cart Viper Google Analytics Event TrackingCart Viper Ecommerce Tracking


Tracking supports both the new asynchronous and traditional synchronous scripts available from Google Analytics.
Enabling tracking in your store is as simple as ticking a checkbox.


If you have ideas and feedback like Eric did please get in touch we are always happy to hear what you have to say good or bad.

Cart Viper Version 1.2.3 Released

  February 2, 2011 16:05
by Nigel

Here at Cart Viper we are happy to announce we have released version 1.2.3 of Cart Viper and it is now available to download and take a free 14 day trial.

New features for this release:

  • Remove all unmanaged code so Cart Viper is now fully compatible for running in a medium trust environment.
  • Google analytics ecommerce and event tracking supported.
  • If a product is a digital download you can specify an unlimited number of files to be downloaded by the user once order has been placed.
  • Ability to import SEO keywords for a product during the product import routine.
  • Add ability to disable product comparison feature via admin settings.
  • Bug fix when viewing an order as an anonymous customer.

If you think there is a feature missing from Cart Viper or there is anything we can improve please contact us


Multiple Digital Downloads

  February 1, 2011 11:59
by Nigel

Based on customer feedback we have enhanced the existing digital download feature of Cart Viper our DotNetNuke eCommerce solution.

Previously only a single file could be added as the product digital download file, however we have enhanced this so an unlimited number of digital downloads can be added per product:

digital downloads admin

Therefore giving you the flexibility to deliver as many or few files when you are selling digital goods. A further advantage is rather than the admin having to zip multiple files together and creating a large single download this can be split into several smaller downloads.

Then once the order has been placed and has a status of “paid”, the customer will then have the option to download all the associated files securely from their “Digital Download Locker”:


If you have any feature requests or there is something in Cart Viper that you think we can improve please contact us.

Cart Viper – Version 1.2.2 Released

  January 19, 2011 15:13
by Nigel

Following on from our New Years resolution to release smaller updates more frequently of Cart Viper our DotNetNuke Ecommerce module, Mark and myself are happy to announce version 1.2.2 is now available to download for a free 14 day trial!

New features:

  • Enhanced existing “My Account” module so a customer can now search for their orders by order ID or order status.
  • Optionally limit the quantity of a product a single user can purchase per order.
  • Mark a product as “free shipping” so regardless of the shipping rules for the store this product will not incur a shipping cost.
  • Product wishlist enhancement – a user can now create an unlimited amount of product wishlists.
  • Product comparison – allow a user to compare up to 4 products side by side to view the differences.
  • Product import via CSV enhancement – if the product already exists in the store the product is updated rather than re-added during an import.
  • Product SKU – store admin can now optionally store a product SKU.
  • Product barcode – store admin can now optionally store a product barcode.
  • Product widget enhancement – can now select products that are currently on special offer to display in the product widget.
  • Product category edit bug fix.
  • Product offer bug fix.

If you have any feedback good or bad or would like to request a feature please let us know.


Improved Order Confirmation Emails

  January 13, 2011 14:29
by Mark

One of the improvements we’ve made to Cart Viper 1.2 our advanced ecommerce application for DotNetNuke is the support for using templates to generate the emails which are sent to the customer once they place an order.

In the previous version the email was limited to being a plain text email which is stored in the resource files, this still exists and you can continue to use this but we’ve adding in advancing template functionality which allows you to create rich HTML emails.

So for example you can now add your store logo and branding to the order confirmation email.


How to Enable the New Email Template Feature

  1. Login as a store administrator
  2. View the store admin page and click the store info option
  3. Expand the Store Email Templates section and check the option Enable Custom Order Emails
  4. This will then use the templates listed in the drop down lists to create the email message used to communicate with the your customers.

Enabling HTML email templates

The template files are just html file which contain normal HTML mark-up and also tokens which are substituted with data from Cart Viper at the time of the email generation. So for example we have a token which allows us to output the customer’s name into the email.

When using Cart Viper in multiple portals with a single host each store can have their own customised email templates as well.

The manual provides a full break down of the tokens we support in the templates and how to go about customising them for your requirements.


Don’t forget we offer a full 14 days free trial, no registration required, all backed up by our first class support.