One of the new features of Cart Viper the DNN shop, that has the potential to take your ecommerce website to the next level is the ability to now specify multiple payment options. This means that as well as accepting credit cards payment direct on your website you can also enable Paypal Web Payments Standard as an additional payment option.

This has the added benefit of catering for customers who would prefer to not share their credit cards details with your store, therefore increasing your sales conversion rate and ultimately making your online presence more profitable.

The multiple payment option is supported by our single page, 3 stage and 4 stage checkout options, so the store admin has complete control over the checkout user experience. Configuring your store to accept multiple payment options is straight forward you simply need to:

1) Via the payment section 1st select the payment gateway you wish to process credit card transactions:


In our example we will use however you could also select First Data or PayPal Pro.

2) The next step is to click “accept PayPal payment” and complete all the sections:


3) The final step is then to select which checkout option you would like either single page, 3 stage or 4 stage checkout – in our example we will use “SinglePage”:


Now when the user attempts to checks out they now have the option to enter their credit card details directly on the site or be transferred to Paypal to complete the transaction:


Note as well as accepting Paypal web payment standards and credit cards on your site, you can also enable Google Checkout and offline payment, this gives the store admin the flexibility to offer the payment mechanisms that best suit their business needs.

Cart Viper now supports the following payment options:

  • Authorize.Net
  • First Data
  • Google Checkout
  • Multi Safe
  • PayPal Website Payments Standard
  • PayPal Website Payments Pro
  • Prepaid Payment Points
  • Offline Payment
  • Request For Quote

If there is a payment gateway you would like to see in that list please contact us and we would be happy to discuss it with you.