A recent project that we have worked on is the ecommerce store for Action Handling. Action Handling sell over 11,000 items online related to storage and handling of materials using Cart Viper as the ecommerce store.

We worked together with Sharon Ensbury to implement a complete solution for the client. Taking the designer’s mock-ups and converting these into the layout and functionality requirements for the store.
Responsive design was incorporated to allow browsers on tablets, mobile devices and laptops to browse and purchase from the store.


The store features a lot of custom Razor generated features which we are especially proud of. This demonstrates the power of Cart Viper and the new Razor support we have implemented. Here are some of the features and templates we created for the project.

Mega Menu

Due to the vast number of items and categories we created a custom menu using a mega menu layout to allow customers to quickly locate the category. Driven from the data stored within Cart Viper and render to the page using a custom Razor script.



Category List

We replaced the standard category list view with a custom one, this allows the browser to switch between list and grid view as well as sorting.

This goes to demonstrate how easy it is to change the layout of standard Cart Viper templates with custom ones using the built in template and Razor support.



Product Details

The standard product details page was replaced with a custom one which allows the customer to select the correct model from the range, view the specifications and watch any videos that are assigned to the product.


Developing custom templates with Razor is fast and powerful giving you complete access to the data and DNN framework. The possibilities are endless to what you can achieve.


This is what the implementation partner had to say about our us and our product.

I looked at Cart Viper during the design stage of my material handling equipment website https://actionhandling.co.uk. I had used Cart Viper on a number of other e commerce websites but none of them were as complex as Action Handling. Action Handling has over 11,000 lifting and handling products and all of them have different variations and price structures. As well as all the usual product details we wanted to allow customers to download product pdfs and view videos for some products. We wanted to show product variations neatly in tables and wanted to easily update the product database when products and prices changed. We wanted customers to be able to pay via credit card or pay on account. We wanted to disable some functionality, change text, and add new functionality.

Before starting the project I downloaded all the leading DNN E Commerce stores and compared them in a table against all of my client requirements. Cart Viper looked as though they were the only store that would meet most of the requirements. If I had any doubts as to whether the product had any shortcomings I needn't have worried.   Cart Viper answered all my questions in a timely manner and filled me with confidence that I could make changes to the product templates and assured me that they would be there if I needed them to make any changes that were not straightforward.

We have ended up with a fantastic looking site and Mark McAvoy has been an absolute star ensuring that all the customer requirements were met and ensuring our responsive skin and Mega Menu was integrated with Cart Viper and everything works well on mobile, tablet and desktop computers.

As if that wasn't enough Mark has not just followed our instructions, if he thought something could be done in a better way he told us.

This was an extremely enjoyable project. Dee Jones Design was responsible for the design, Action Handling had their ideas of how the website would look and tested the functionality met their business model and processes, and Cart Viper were an important part of that team.

I would recommend Cart Viper to anyone considering adding a E Commerce functionality to a DNN website.

Sharon Ensbury


We are ready to work with you on your ecommerce project, we have the product and we have the skills to make a winning solution.