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Duplicate Existing Products

  October 26, 2010 12:52
by Mark

When adding new products to your store there may come a time when you have a similar item already that you would like to duplicate and clone to create the new item.

Now in release 1.1.0 of Cart Viper this is possible.

Duplicating an existing product

When you duplicate an existing product all the product details, category assignments, variants, offers, downloads, images and related products are copied to the new product.

Modify cloned product

Once duplicated you can modify the fields of the newly cloned product.

New Release 1.1.0 of Cart Viper

  October 26, 2010 12:31
by Mark

Cart Viper 1.1.0 released Today we’ve release version 1.1.0 of Cart Viper our ecommerce store for DotNetNuke. Since the last release 4 weeks ago we’ve been busy adding and improving on our module.

New features in this release are

  • Import products using CSV into the catalogue 
  • Create new products by duplicating an existing product
  • Automatically Email customers a newsletter containing recently added items
  • Discount coupons for both percentage and monetary amounts.
  • Product Widget Control allows you to display selected products outside of the standard store pages.
  • Improved AJAX cart - now supports the ability to go straight to the basket after adding an item, ability to display the modal confirmation popup.
  • Anonymous guest checkout, no need for users to register to purchase anymore.

As always we offer a full 14 day free trial, no registration required and all customers receive free life time upgrades.

Available to purchase via Snowcovered or direct.

Checkout Options – Release 1.1.0

  October 21, 2010 11:47
by Nigel

Based on user feedback we have also added some new checkout options that you can configure in version 1.1.0 of Cart Viper to give you all the flexibility you need. If you have any feature requests please contact us and we would be happy to discuss them with you.

Anonymous Checkout

The store admin can now define if they would like to allow users to checkout anonymously or if they must register for an account before they can checkout.

Display Basket After Add To Cart

It is now also possible for the store admin to decide to send the user to the cart details page after an item has been added to cart, rather than stay on the current page.

Optionally Disable Modal Popup Window After Add To Cart

Once a user has added an item to their cart the admin has the option to disable the modal popup window that confirms the item has been added to cart, see below:


Instead they can display a less intrusive message that appears in the top right hand side of the website and fades out after a few seconds, see below:


In both cases all text is stored in .ascx.resx files so they can be altered to suit your needs or translated into the language of your choice.

Release 1.1.0 – New Features

  October 18, 2010 12:52
by Nigel

After another hectic few weeks of coding we are close to the release of 1.1.0 of Cart Viper our DotNetNuke ecommerce solution. This release is packed full of new features that we are proud of, like in our previous releases we will post a blog on each new feature, this post will cover Coupons:

The store admin can now create an unlimited amount of coupons that can be then used by customers to receive the predefined discount of their purchases. When defining the coupon the admin has the ability to configure rules on how the coupon can be used.

For example they can define:

  • Minimum subtotal before the coupon can be used.
  • An expiry date.
  • If the coupon can be used once or multiple times.
  • If the discount should be a monetary discount or a percentage of the subtotal.

The flexibility when creating coupons should allow you to create the ideal tool to help promote sales in the build up to Christmas!


Cart Viper – 1.0.3 Released

  October 1, 2010 09:46
by Mark

1092493_54676285 Today we’ve released the latest version of Cart Viper our Shopping Cart module for Dotnetnuke.

We’ve packed more new features and fixed up a couple of little bugs in this release.

  • Language Support for Dutch, English, French, German and Spanish
  • Request a Quote shopping cart
  • Improved Currency support for Australian dollars (AUD), Canadian dollars (CAD), Mexican peso (MXN) and Swiss francs (CHF)
  • Wishlists for shoppers
  • Email a Friend with CAPTCHA feature to stop spamming

Read more about the new features on our blog

You can purchase the new version direct or from SnowCovered.
As always all purchases get upgrades and updates for free, forever.

Cart Viper 1.0.3 – Language Support

  September 24, 2010 19:08
by Mark

436457_76267196 We’ve added more languages supported into the upcoming Cart Viper release 1.0.3 by translating our resource files into other languages.

We now support the following languages

  • English
  • French
  • German
  • Spanish
  • Dutch

If you would like us to support additional languages please get in contact.

Cart Viper 1.0.3 – Request a Quote

  September 21, 2010 17:41
by Mark

Cart Viper now has the ability to define products as request a quote. this allows you to list expensive items which you need to quote for on a user by user basis.

Users can assemble a special type of cart that we refer to as “quote cart”, each item that the user wants to get a quote for is added to this cart, along with the quantity of each item. Once the user has added all the items they want to receive a quote they then continue to the checkout page.

Request a quote product

At the checkout stage the user simply completes the form, this then generates an email which is set to the store administrator.

Request a quote checkout

To define which products are “request a quote” the administrator simple checks the box in the product admin page.

how to enable a product for a quote

To make the checkout process simple we only allow the user to have either a normal cart or a quote cart at anyone time. If a user were to attempt to create a quote while they had a normal cart they would receive a warning tell them to complete the checkout process before creating a quote and vice versa.

Cart Viper 1.0.3 – Supported Currencies

  September 18, 2010 14:02
by Mark

aus_dollars Continuing the series about new features coming in release 1.0.3 of Cart Viper today I’m going to talk about the additional currency support that has been added.

In the initial release transaction where limited to Euros, GBPs or USDs. However in 1.0.3 of the shopping cart we’ve added support for Australian dollars (AUD), Canadian dollars (CAD), Mexican peso (MXN)  and Swiss francs (CHF).

We’ve also moved the currency symbols for each currency into the SharedResources.resx file in App_LocalResources so this give you complete control on how you you would like to display the currency symbol. You can simply edit the default entries as required.

Resource Key Currency Value
Currency_AUD.Text AUD AUD $
Currency_CAD.Text CAD CAD $
Currency_CHF.Text CHF CHF
Currency_EURO.Text EURO
Currency_GBP.Text GBP £
Currency_MXN.Text MXN Mex $
Currency_USD.Text USD $

If you would like additional currencies add just get in touch and we’ll try our best to help you out.

Stay tuned for more posts about up coming features!

Cart Viper 1.0.3 - Wishlist

  September 17, 2010 20:19
by Mark

Continuing the series of posts about new features in release 1.0.3 of Cart Viper its time to look at the Wish List feature.

This allows users to store a list of items they would like to purchase.
On the product details page a user would simple click the Add to Wishlist link to have the item store for them in their wish list.

Product details show wish list link

The wish list is display on the My Account page with the ability for the user to add an item into their cart directly from the wish list.
All wish lists are private and only the user that created the list is able to view it. 

User wishlist

Allowing your users to create wish lists is an optional feature, you can disable wish lists by unchecking the Enable Wishlist in the store admin.



Enable the wish list using the store admin

Cart Viper 1.0.3 – New Feature: Email A Friend

  September 16, 2010 14:45
by Nigel

Here at Cart Viper we have been busy working on version 1.0.3 of our DotNetNuke shopping cart that is full of new features , over the next few days leading up to the release of version 1.0.3 Mark and myself are going to do a series of posts discussing the new features. This post will discuss “Email A Friend”.

Due to the flexibility of Cart Vipers template driven display simply by including the [EMAILAFRIEND] tag in your productDetail.htm template you output the necessary control onto your page that allows a user to send an email relating to a product on your site.

Example template:


Example page created from template:


When “Share With A Friend” is clicked upon the email a friend control is displayed via jQuery.

Email a friend control:


The email subject and message are pre-populated with the name of your store and a link to the page with the product on, if the user is logged in the email from is also pre-populated with their email address. All fields can be edited by the user before the message is sent.

Before the message can be sent all fields are checked for profanity if found the user is informed and the message is not sent, furthermore recaptcha has been added to avoid spam being sent.

It is worth noting for privacy reasons a copy of the users message is not stored in the system.