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DotNetNuke Ecommerce - Review of Cart Viper

  July 13, 2011 15:17
by Mark

Pure Systems have recently been working with our ecommerce module for DotNetNuke to create an online store for a client.
You can take a look at the full review written about Cart Viper over the Pure Systems blog.

“The guys at have been very responsive to our comments and suggestions for the product which has meant we've been able to deliver an excellent DNN eCommerce solution for our client”


Its really good to hear positive feedback from people that use our software. If you have some comments or feedback about Cart Viper we would really like to hear from you.
We are working on the next release of Cart Viper at the moment and its going to contain even more features and improvements.

Search for a Customer’s Order

  June 10, 2011 10:01
by Mark

As a store owner you need to be able to locate orders quickly, some times you’ll find the customer doesn’t know or have their order number to hand, so to make it easy we’ve added a search feature to the order history management.
This allows the store administrator the ability to search for an order by a name, the search takes a partial name and returns all the orders which match.

Search for an existing order by customer name

This is just one of many small improvements we’ve added to Cart Viper 1.3.0 to make running your store a more pleasant experience.

Shipping support for US Lower 48

  June 10, 2011 09:46
by Mark

A new feature adding into Cart Viper 1.3.0 onwards is the ability to define a shipping band that applies to the US lower 48, US Alaska and US Hawaii.
We still have the ability to define a shipping rate for the whole of the US but using these three new additional locations allows you to charge a different shipping amount for delivery to AL and HI for example.

Take a look at the example setup below, I’ve defined a rate for the lower 48, AL and HI, during the checkout the cart will look at the customer’s State shipping address and use this to determine which rate to apply to the basket.

Lower 48 Shipping Rate Example

We’ve also taken the opportunity to improve the free shipping option, before this was either on or off. Now we’ve added the ability to define the country that the free shipping is applied to.
This also has the US lower 48, US Alaska and US Hawaii options so you could define a rule which allows free shipping to the lower 48 and just use the shipping banding above to charge a shipping amount for customers in AL and HI and the rest of the world for example.

Free Shipping to the Lower 48 in the US

If you like what you see, why not take the free trial of Cart Viper and give it a try for yourself.

Editing an Order

  June 8, 2011 15:18
by Mark

Added in release 1.3.0 of Cart Viper is the ability for the store administrator to edit the billing and shipping addresses for an order placed by a customer.
If a customer makes a mistake during the order process and contacts your customer services department you can now update the order with the correct details.

Click the edit icons to start changing an address for the order

Once you have clicked the edit icon simple modify the entry using the popup window.

Editing an order address using the popup window

This is just one of the many improvements we’ve made to Cart Viper to help improve the ecommerce experience for the store owner and the customer.
If you’ve got some improvements you would like to see implement please contact us.

Google Checkout

  April 13, 2011 16:00
by Mark

Google Checkout is a service from Google that makes online shopping faster and more secure for your customers.

Your customers can quickly and easily purchase items from your store without having to share their credit card details with your site or create a separate account on your site.
You benefit by having a streamed lined checkout which improves the likely hood of a customer completing the checkout process by 40% compared to none Google Checkout customer.
Merchants are also protected from fraud with Google filtering and identify fraudulent transactions.

The benefit to both buyers and sellers is huge and that is why we’ve implemented Google Checkout support in Cart Viper 1.2.6. We are the first ecommerce application for DotNetNuke that has this built in.

In addition to your current payment gateway (Paypal, etc) you can now offer your customers the ability to checkout with Google Checkout.

Cart Viper with Google Checkout

Offering your customers another option to checkout and pay for an order can only ever be a smart move on your part. Why don’t you take the free 14 day trial of Cart Viper and see for yourself.